PRPS Members "Level Up" This Spring!

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Posted by Administrator at 03/25/2022

by Jennifer Fean, CPRP, CPP, Northampton Township, 2021 Leadership Academy participant

“What’s Your Engagement Score?”  That is the question that members will start to hear this Spring!  PRPS and the 2021 Leadership Team have collaborated to introduce an exciting, new incentive program encouraging all current members to “Level Up” their engagement this Spring. 

The “Level Up” program is designed to add points to a PRPS member’s engagement score.  Every time a Parks and Recreation professional and member of the Pennsylvania Parks and Recreation Society volunteers, they will receive a certain amount of points.  Those points are added to the engagement score on your member profile under the “Engagement” tab.

Every time an active member of PRPS joins a committee, attends a webinar or conference, writes an article or a blog post, earns a certificate or simply logs in to the PRPS website, points will be added to the volunteer’s engagement score!

Networking and engagement are crucial in any profession, but in Parks and Recreation, the best ideas are born when information is shared and ideas are merged.  Engaging with other professionals to achieve a common goal not only benefits the task at hand but fosters the community and allows growth in the work that we do.

Take advantage of the many opportunities PRPS offers to further professional development, enhance skills, connect with peers, or volunteer for a committee and build up those points!  Earn enough points and members can earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Badge.

Each time a professional earns a “Level Up” badge, their name will be entered in a drawing.  At the Bronze or Silver level, earn a t-shirt, water bottle, or other awesome PRPS swag.  Each awarded Gold Badge honoree will be entered in a drawing to win a free conference that year!  Can your district earn the most gold badge members?  Start getting engaged now, because points reset every year!

What are you waiting for? Login to and Level Up now! PRPS challenges members to volunteer and get involved on a committee, run for a leadership position on a branch or in your district, or compete within your office or district to gain the most points1  For complete information, a list of opportunities and point values, visit the “Level Up” page at  Stay ahead of your colleagues!  Level Up today!