Constitution and Bylaws

The PRPS Constitution contains the fundamental principles that govern its operation. The PRPS Bylaws establish the specific rules of guidance by which the Society functions.

Board of Directors

The PRPS Board of Directors protects the Society’s assets by setting policy and direction, ensuring and protecting resources, engaging in outreach, and providing oversight. Much of the Board’s attention centers on governance by policy, membership development, and advocacy, with intentional transparency and communication. Positions on the Board of Directors have specific responsibilities.

The Board of Directors and the Chief Executive share responsibility and authority on governance, personnel, finance, and oversight.


Three geographic Districts unite all recreation and park interests within a specific geographical region. See the District Operating Guidelines. Our new Learning Networks connect Members to colleagues by proximity and by professional tracks.

Prps districtmapDistrict 1: Western Pennsylvania

District 2: Central Pennsylvania

District 3: Eastern Pennsylvania