Position Statements

Fostering Inclusion and Advocacy: PRPS's Legislative Focus for a Brighter Pennsylvania

updated February 2, 2023

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice

The events of recent years have had a profound effect on parks and recreation. Parks and open spaces have become critical assets for communities. More and more, people are using parks, playgrounds and the outdoors to reap health and social benefits. In addition, the Black Lives Matter movement and the need to acknowledge and support our differences has increased every community’s focus on equity and inclusion. See full statement.

Transgender Legislation in Pennsylvania

PRPS affirms the right of all people to equal access to all park and recreation programs and services, without discriminatory or exclusionary rules, bullying or other consequences.

PRPS affirms that all individuals are worthy of respect, no matter how “differently” they may appear, function or believe, contrary to common or majority appearances, functions or beliefs. See full statement.

Parks and Recreation Investment in Pennsylvania

Inadequate funding for parks, forest and other public spaces is a major constraint to a more sustainable, equitable and healthy future for all Pennsylvanians. How we develop, use, and maintain our public spaces for individual and collective benefits is a major influencer of our health and wellness, economic viability, environmental quality and social justice. See full statement.

Parks and Green Infrastructure

The use of green infrastructure in parks, trails and waterways is a cost-effective way for local and state governments to manage stormwater, improve water quality, and increase the resiliency of their communities in the face of climate change and more frequent extreme weather events. See full statement.

Preschool Recreation and Child Day Care Center Certification Regulations

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Day Care Certification regulations provide standards to aid in protecting the health, safety and rights of children to reduce risks in child day care centers. 

The purpose of PA Code Title 55 Chapter 3270 is to facilitate the safe and healthful care of a child in a “child day care center.” These regulations extend to care provided for a preschool child in private or public, profit or nonprofit facilities, which by certain legal interpretation, include municipal recreation and park services. See full statement.

Community Parks Protection

Many municipalities faced with difficult financial decisions may consider selling open space or community parks. While this may help resolve a fiscal problem in the short term, it may also lead to a long-term loss. Moreover, many parks in Pennsylvania are protected under law due to state and federal funds they have received. See full statement.