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Enrollment is Open PRPS FREE Culture of Health Program

Qrcode.coh.videoEnrollment is now open for this free supplemental camp program. PRPS member municipalities positively affect the health and wellness of over 1.3 Million Pennsylvania residents. The Culture of Health initiative aims to provide local park and recreation professionals with a resource and framework to supplement camp programs with activities in the four essential areas of well-being: mental, social, intellectual, and physical health. 

To enroll, participants will view a short (9 min.) informational video and complete a survey about their current program.  Afterward, you will be sent a Culture of Health Guidebook written by park professionals, packed with ideas, resources, news, and activities that help incorporate all the core areas of well-being. Join the PRPS Health and Wellness committee and sign up today to receive your guidebook. With your help, we can continue our progress and develop a Culture of Health in our communities.

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Opioid Epidemic Practical Toolkit - Download

Generation Found Documentary: City of Houston - Follows Houston’s fight to curb rising opioid use and shows schools, elected officials and police coming together to cohesively tackle the problem. The documentary is used by the Chester County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services and East Goshen Township Department of Parks and Recreation in community outreach efforts. PRPS members can use the documentary free of charge, contact Niki Tourscher.

Get Outdoors PA

Get Outdoors PA strives to connect citizens with outdoor recreation activities to increase their appreciation and active use of parks, forests and public spaces while imparting a message of environmental stewardship and healthy living. Take advantage of a variety of technical resources relating to Get Outdoors PA activities including webinars, lessons plans, and more!