2024 Board of Directors

Meet the PRPS Board of Directors

The PRPS Board of Directors protects the Society’s assets by setting policy and direction, ensuring and protecting resources, engaging in outreach, and providing oversight. Much of the Board’s attention centers on governance by policy, membership development, and advocacy, with intentional transparency and communication.

Ken Lehr, CPRP


Todd Roth, CPRP, AFO


Doug Knauss, CPRP, CPSI


Jeremy Mortorff, CPRP, CPO


Kelsey Paul, CPRP

Director at Large

Erin Timby, CPRP

Director at Large

Paula Willis, CPRP

District 1 President

Tammy Agesen, CPRP

District 2 President

Ashley Broudy, CPRP

District 3 Representative

Tim Herd, CPRE

CEO (ex-officio)