The Sneaker Blowout - The Power of a Positive Team amidst adversity

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Posted by Administrator at 03/14/2019

power-of-positive-teamUnless you are living under a shell, or not tuned into sports in America, you might have missed one of the most controversial conversations with sports commentary, Facebook, Twitter, and around the water cooler at work this past week. Nevertheless, this is a historical situation in the NCAA basketball over a team, coach, injury, sneaker, player and a lot of money.  This might be a good time to turn into CBS news for details if you missed the incident: Zion Williams Sneaker Incident

Most of you reading this, I would assume would have a position or stance on the issue, as many of us come from the sporting arena. Even if you didn’t, but work in the field of Parks and Recreation, I would hope you understand the importance of the skills learned from being on a team. The intangibles as learned on a sports team:

·         Mindset

·         Personal Drive

·         Mental Toughness

·         Communication – on and off the playing field

·         Motivated

·         Commitment

·         Resilience

·         Perseverance

·         Teamwork

·         Time Management

·         Respect for your teammates

·         Confidence

·         Coachability

·         Composure

This is just a few of the many intangibles learned on a team.

Intangibles can’t be bought; they are learned traits over years of practice, games, conditioning, and being on a team.  Power of a Positive Team is found not only thru the intangibles, but by what some call team chemistry, not to mention the fundamental skills of each player.   Does the one player whose shoe blew out, with hopefully a mere minor injury, affect this team? How will the coach and members of the team respond? What is the lesson for us in the historical event? How do you respond when one of your team goes down? How do you lead when your team is struggling?

The Power of a Positive Team written by Jon Gordon is one that the Mechanicsburg Girls Field Hockey team read over the course of the season this past fall.  This same book is one that can be utilized in any of your organizations to assist with what makes a truly great team.  I could not help to think of this book during this time of the sneaker.  This situation is far more than about a sneaker, money, the company that made the sneaker. It is about an institution.  It is about a program.  It is about a culture.  It is about a tradition.  It is about excellence.  It is about a team.  It is about a process bigger than anyone player, regardless of the money. Money can’t buy a team; money can’t buy the intangibles that this program has represented for decades. 

Does your organization work as a team, and value the intangibles?  Are you a real team? A real leader?

Many people think they are on a team, but a real team is what makes a group of people into a team. Consider the following:

Are your goals your team goals?

Are you committed to the team improving or just you individually?

Do you truly serve your team members?

Does your communication with the players build trust, commitment and team work?

Do you represent commitment to your team, as a top priority?

Do you show respect, love and respect to all team members?

Do you grow from your discussions, and disagreements?

Is everyone on the same bus? Heading in the same direction, with the same vision and mission?

Are you building strong leaders and building a bench?

Does your team work for the bigger cause in order to be truly great?

Every organization has the ability to be a team.  As a leader, it is your responsibility to mold and form a team.  Teams have their struggles, whether it be the blown out sneaker, or a blown out knee.  The WE is greater than ME, and one person can’t make a team but one person can break a team.  Three things you can control daily to make you a great teammate are your attitude, your effort and your actions, and none of these require any special ability or skill.  These require your attention to detail. 

“You and your team face a fork in the road each day.  You can settle for average and choose the path of mediocrity, or you can take the road less traveled and chase greatness. It’s a choice you make each day. Which path will your team take? “The Power of a Positive Team by Jon Gordon Page 146.

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