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Posted by Administrator at 02/05/2018

my favorite slidecroppedI’ve made a big decision recently to leave what has been the best job in the world. My job had a check next to the boxes on the ideal job list. And things at my job have never been better. I could stay. But more and more, I felt like it was time to go. I still have the passion for parks and recreation that I had back in 1979. But, I’ve decided it’s time for more of my own parks and recreation experiences. Maybe I can get the balance tipped towards fun for myself rather than work, work, work. Maybe triathlons, long-distance bike trips, mountain trail running, or weekly golfing is in my future – who knows? Am I too old now for some things? Well, I don’t plan to take up ski jumping any time soon. But leaving my job and taking a new step in my life? I’m not too old for that. And no matter how old I am today, I’m going to be older tomorrow. Over the years, sometimes I got bored. Sometimes I was frustrated. Sometimes I didn’t feel appreciated. Sometimes I was tired and stressed out. During those times I asked myself what would be better if I changed jobs or left parks and recreation? The positives of my job always outweighed any negatives, and that kept me from leaving. Looking back now, I’m glad I stayed. I helped to grow and improve a truly wonderful public service organization. When you get bored, or frustrated, or tired, or stressed out – think about the positive aspects of working in parks and recreation. Others envy us. We have meaningful, impactful jobs. We make a tangible difference in people’s lives and make communities great places to live. You’ll get to be me someday. But don’t wish away your years until retirement. Focus as much as you can on how great our parks and recreation profession is and how truly fortunate you are to be a part of it.