Revolutionizing Event Planning with AI: The Future of Seamless and Efficient Event Management

Posted by Jason Cerkan at 11/15/2023

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There are several artificial intelligence programs and tools that can be used for event planning. These tools leverage AI and machine learning to streamline various aspects of event management. Here are some AI programs and platforms commonly used in event planning:

1. Bizzabo: Bizzabo offers a comprehensive event management platform that includes features like event website creation, registration, and marketing. It also uses AI to provide insights into event data, engagement, and attendee behavior.

Eventbrite: Eventbrite is a popular event management and ticketing platform that incorporates AI for event discovery and recommendation. It helps attendees discover events based on their preferences.

Cvent: Cvent’s event management software uses AI to help planners find the best venues, manage registration, and analyze event data. It also offers a mobile event app that enhances the attendee experience.

4. DoubleDutch: This platform uses AI and analytics to offer event engagement insights and real-time data, helping event planners improve the attendee experience and make data-driven decisions.

5. Certain: Certain offers an event automation platform with AI capabilities for personalizing event experiences, targeting marketing efforts, and analyzing event performance.

6. Grip: Grip is an AI-powered networking platform that helps event attendees connect with others based on their profiles and interests, enhancing networking opportunities.

7. Pathable: Pathable offers a virtual and hybrid event platform with AI matchmaking, making it easier for attendees to connect with relevant contacts and make the most of networking opportunities.

8. Aventri (formerly etouches): Aventri is an event management software that incorporates AI to assist with budgeting, data analysis, and event engagement.

9. InEvent: InEvent offers an event management platform with AI features for creating virtual and hybrid events, managing registrations, and enhancing the overall event experience.

10. Splash: Splash provides event marketing and management software with AI-driven features for optimizing event promotions and registration processes.

11. Hubilo: Hubilo is an AI-driven virtual and hybrid event platform that offers features like matchmaking, attendee engagement analytics, and personalized experiences.

12. Eventdex: Eventdex is an event management platform that utilizes AI to provide features like mobile event apps, online registration, and on-site check-in solutions.

13. Brolly Event Solutions: Brolly’s AI-powered platform assists event planners with attendee engagement, matchmaking, and data analytics.

14. offers a platform that uses AI to enhance virtual and hybrid events, focusing on attendee engagement, matchmaking, and networking opportunities.

These AI-powered event planning tools and platforms can help streamline event management tasks, enhance attendee experiences, and provide valuable insights to event planners. When choosing the right AI program for your event, consider your specific needs and the features that best align with your goals and budget.