Outside the Cubicle!

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Posted by Administrator at 10/25/2019

We have all heard the metaphor to think outside the box, but is that far enough? This catchphrase has become widely used in business environments, especially by management consultants and executive coaches, and has been referenced in a number of advertising slogans. To think outside the box is to look further and to try not thinking of the obvious things, but to try thinking of things beyond them.

The world of recreational programming comes with many challenges and opportunities when creating new and exciting events and activities. Remember there isn't anything that can not be done and there is always more than one way to get the same success.

In my 20+ years of recreational programming I've learned to toss the box out the window and instead think outside the cubicle. Every interaction, every event you attend, and every idea handed to you is fuel for a new event or activity. Throughout the year I attend trade shows for CAI (Community Associations Institute). At these trade shows, tables are filled with engineering firms, collection firms, banks, equipment contractors, insurance company's, etc. Companies that really do not have much to do with recreational programming. Instead of ignoring the tables, I make it a point to approach every table and speak to every company. I make every face to face meeting count. Many of the companies I have approached at these trade shows I have asked to be a part of the annual job fair I host at the community I work for. Often times these companies have never been asked to attend a job fair. The job fair gives them the opportunity to market their company to your community, and it helps to make your job fair more successful, while also providing new opportunities for everyone involved. Furthermore, you have now built a new relationship with a company that you can ask to provide sponsorships for future events.

So remember just because "we've never done it this way before" doesn't mean you can't do it another way. Stop living in a 3 dimensional world and think outside the cubicle!

"The World is But a Canvas to the Imagination" ~ Henry David Thoreau