Be More than a FAN

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Posted by Administrator at 08/18/2022

Members and Friends of PRPS:

I hope this finds you enjoying the end of the summer months.  As we look to great anticipation of the fall, and all the time it usually brings the soul in regards to relaxation, my hope for you is that you get to enjoy some “outside” time, with family and friends around the campfires across the state. May you enjoy the changing colors of the scenery, the chill in the air, your favorite sweatshirt, pumpkins and spices, as well as some good ole football.

 Regardless of what region you live in, (Yes, I know you PRPS members right away think of all the Districts) but the normal Pennsylvanian thinks from the Dutch Country, Laurel Highlands, Leigh Valley, Pennsylvania Wilds, Pennsylvania Great Lakes Region, Philadelphia and the countryside, Pittsburgh and its countryside, to the Pocono Mountain area, most of us celebrate fall with a team, we enjoy being a FAN.  Be it Pitt, PSU, Steelers, and/ or the Eagles. Yes, we are a divided state from East to West when it comes to our fan base.  

What does it mean to be a Fan? According to Google: an enthusiastic devotee (as of a sport or a performing art) is usually a spectator. 2: an ardent admirer or enthusiast (as of a celebrity or a pursuit) of science-fiction fans.

Yes, we are usually a fan of some team, but a fan is an ardent admirer.  We need doers in PRPS.  We need partners, workers, and volunteers, we need you!  We need a few committed members that have the enthusiasm of a fan but a little more commitment than an admirer.

I am reaching out as the current President to encourage you to become engaged in the upcoming Fall Membership Meeting at State College on November 16th, and to start to plan for the March Annual Conference in Hershey from March 19-22nd. These opportunities for continuing education, as well as to assist the society meet the needs of its members are provided with the help of volunteers, board members, branch members, and committees. I would like to thank everyone who has served this organization since its existence, as if it weren’t for you and your efforts we would not have served others within PRPS.  

Enjoy my favorite time of the year, embrace the gorgeous scenery, and become a fan, but more importantly mark the dates to spend some time with your PRPS peeps!

My Favorite Team - I am their biggest FAN - 2022 Mechanicsburg Area Field Hockey Team