5 Tips to Elevate Your Post-Conference Game

After attending a conference, harnessing the momentum and insights gained to drive ongoing professional growth is crucial. This blog post offers a guide to ensure that your conference experience continues to yield dividends long after the event.

Posted by Monica A. Tierney, MBA, MEd., CPRE at 03/15/2024


You just returned from the PRPS conference with newfound knowledge, connections, and inspiration. How can you ensure that the energy and momentum you gained don't fizzle out once you're back at your desk? Here's a guide to getting the full value from your conference experience:

1. Dive into your notes: Your conference notes are abundant insights waiting to be unearthed. Don't let them gather dust on your desk. Take the time to review and reflect on the key points, ideas, and strategies you captured during the sessions. Organize them in a way that makes them easily accessible for future reference. Consider digitizing or incorporating them into your daily work to ensure they remain valuable resources.

2. Amplify Your presence on social media: Harness the power of platforms like LinkedIn to amplify your conference experience. Share highlights, key takeaways, and memorable moments with your professional network. Tag speakers, vendors, and fellow attendees to extend the conversation beyond the conference walls. Showcasing your engagement and enthusiasm furthers connections and opportunities for collaboration.

3. Foster lasting connections: The relationships you cultivate at conferences are invaluable assets. Take proactive steps to nurture these connections beyond the event. Reach out to individuals you exchanged business cards with, express appreciation for inspiring speakers, and explore potential collaborations with vendors or industry peers. Cultivating these relationships strengthens your network and opens doors to future opportunities.

4. Share insights with your team: Whether you attended the conference with colleagues or not, sharing insights and highlights with your team is crucial. Collaborate with those who attended different sessions to exchange learnings and perspectives. Additionally, take the opportunity to educate and inspire team members who couldn't attend, ensuring that the knowledge gained enriches your organization's collective expertise.

5. Create a strategy to implement your new ideas in your office: The true value of attending conferences lies in applying newfound knowledge and ideas in your workspace. Set actionable goals for incorporating conference learning into your projects and initiatives. Whether implementing innovative strategies, adopting best practices, or exploring new concepts, integrate these insights into your work to drive meaningful impact and growth.

By following these tips, you can leverage your conference experience as a catalyst for personal and professional development, ensuring that the investment of time and resources yields lasting benefits for yourself and your Agency.