I enjoy seeing my professional peers and colleagues at this event because of the enthusiasm they exhibit towards their respective careers and fields of study.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
PRPS truly exemplifies excellence in inclusive practices and celebrating diversity.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
The Annual PRPS conference is always a great way to catch up with colleagues, network with new friends and learn about exciting opportunities in the field.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
The educational sessions I sat in on yesterday were eye-opening and great learning experiences, which I think is exactly what we, as parks and recreation professionals, are aiming to get from these. I also have to point out how AMAZING the expo hall was. The amount and variety of vendors were the best I’ve seen at any PRPS Conference, in my time as a member. I spent over two hours speaking with exhibitors and that is easily the longest time I’ve spent in an expo hall.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
Nothing makes my day more than sitting next to someone at a networking event and they say "Oh- Lancaster Rec! I worked there in college, it was my first job." Or "Oh- I spent all summers at your playground program- and I would have gotten into a lot of trouble if I didn't have you there." The connection with our community is why we do what we do. The way we touch people's lives is so important. It's an amazing feeling when I get an email from a parent praising our summer camp staff or thankful for our administrative team for registering for programs for them or thanks to our pool staff for helping them throw a great pool party. (By the way- these are all real emails I got in the last month). Or- true story- learn about two volunteer coaches who met in our youth basketball program- fell in love and got married! How great is that?! Parks and Recreation is so important because we provide services that people use to make their lives full and meaningful. Now that I have two young children, we go to our local park almost weekly to burn off some energy at the playground. Soon, my daughter will start swim lessons. As a parent, the excitement I feel for her to experience these things means I get to relive them all over again, feeling like a kid with endless options and opportunities. When I look around, I see that parks and recreation provide memories in the lives of people in our community. It provides meaning. Folks enjoying a concert in the park or special event in their city - or simply sitting on a bench feeding ducks - or watching their kids play or perform - older adults learning a new skills or enjoying socialization at an activity - all of these activities are driven by our work and we give this gift - and it's the best job anyone could ever ask for.
Heather Dighe, Executive Director, Lancaster Recreation Commission
This year's PRPS terrific! As a new Parks & Recreation Director I found all the classes to be extremely helpful and very informative.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
This was my first time at the PRPS Conference. I was looking to meet people and network. The conference delivered in all areas. I learned about the Park Maintenance Institute, listened to stories, and learned practical skills and knowledge that I can apply immediately. My time was well spent.
Bill Kaplan, Acting Director Leisure Services, Upper Darby Township, Delco
Parks and recreation are essential to our well-being, health, and emotional and physical development. As individuals and a family, we have an innate emotional, physical, and natural connection to the outdoors and our environment. Our relationships and friendships are strengthened as a lifelong connection and respect for parks, recreation, open space, and conservation. I will always treasure hiking out west for the first time in Utah and then hiking a fourteener “14er” in Colorado. Reaching the top of the summit and seeing the views of the landscape at 14,000 feet+ is remarkable! I am thankful for the friendships and partnerships with all my professional colleagues, staff, and volunteers over the years providing a wide range of parks and recreation services that are essential in our communities. We have worked together for more than two decades, and I value our partnerships in parks and recreation, because this is how a legacy is left for future generations. I am honored to be part of an amazing professional network of Park & Recreation professionals working in Pennsylvania.
Sherry Acevedo, Conservation Coordinator, Northampton County Parks & Recreation
"Being able to make a difference for the residents of our community makes my career worthwhile. In addition, I love being able to shape and mold young workers! It is so gratifying to see them go off to college and start their careers! When I get a visit from a past employee to the Hampden Pool and they now have their young family with them, nothing makes me prouder!" Jeremy added, "Parks and Recreation provides access to parks, trails, and programs that are vital to the health and wellness of our community. Teaching children lifelong skills such as being able to swim, communicating with each other, and learning teamwork through sports are all reasons why Parks and Recreation is not only important, but essential!"
Jeremy Mortorff, Recreation Program Specialist, Hampden Township Parks & Recreation Department
PRPS staff and volunteers did a great job organizing and implementing the 2023 conference.Always helpful and cheerful when asked for asssitance.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
The PRPS Conference is a true meeting of the minds in the Parks & Recreation profession. The full spectrum of experience is represented from the speakers to the committees, and every role involved.
Derek Muller
The annual PRPS conference is a great opportunity to meet new Parks and Recreation professionals as well as catch up with those you don't get the chance to see often enough. The mixture of educational sessions, meetings, and informal socials allows us to see each other outside of our normal roles and truly build relationships that can last for years.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
I was happy to get back to the in-person conference for a day this year, and I wish I had stayed longer. I plan to attend the full conference in 2024 at Seven Springs!
Bob Griffith, PRPS Retired E.D.
Communities need safe havens for their kids to interact with other children and learn new skills and activities. It’s about engaging them in positive activities and providing constructive outlets from their day to day home and school stresses. That doesn’t end with childhood – we should all be exploring the many opportunities our communities offer for us at each stage of life, because we should never stop growing and learning.
Derek Muller, Public Information Coordinator, Montgomery Township Parks & Recreation
Attending the PRPS Conference and Expo not only provides incredible education opportunities, but it also provides a platform to meet new peers with additional industry resources and experience.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
The networking opportunities are outstanding.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
Another great conference. Had a hard time deciding which session to attend on more than oneoccasion
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
The annual PRPS conference is a great atmosphere and a great time to reboot your energy!
Kevin Sanders
This year's speakers provided a lot of fresh new information as well as important reminders and refreshers. Each session I attended definitely had takeaways for use within my organization.
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee
Parks and Recreation is important because play is crucial to our wellbeing. Pursuing our hobbies provides opportunities for growth and socialization. I have seen how a well-run Recreation Department can really have a positive impact on a community. What we do in Recreation has never been more important especially as we struggled with during the pandemic. The value of what Parks and Recreation bring to a community has never been more apparent.
Brian Barrett, Director, Haverford Township Recreation Department
The annual PRPS conference provides and facilitates networking opportunities that are incredibly valuable - especially for a new professional in PA Parks and Rec. Each time I attend meet new professionals as well as reconnect with friends who I have met previously.
Ally Brandt
The annual PRPS Conference is always a great time to reconnect with colleagues, friends, and clients. I also look forward to the educational sessions to recharge, learn new things, and get reinvigorated!
2023 PRPS Annual Conference & Expo Attendee