Maintenance Roundtable: Summer Field and Lawn Maintenance

07/18/2024 12:00 PM

Spring has sprung, and summer is here with a vengeance. With the heat turned up, how do you manage your fields and lawns this summer to meet the demands of fall athletics and unpredictable weather? In this Maintenance Roundtable, we have invited Jeff Fowler and Matt Duncan to talk about summer maintenance for athletic fields and park lawns. This session will focus on maintaining optimal conditions this summer and what should be done to ensure the grass surfaces are healthy and safe for athletes and park users. Participants can also ask questions and share resources during this facilitated discussion. Join us on July 18 at noon (Eastern) for this informative roundtable discussion. 

Panel Members
Jeff Fowler is a Sr. Extension Educator of Horticulture specializing in turf management for Penn State Extension. He has been working for Penn State since 1988. He earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) from Delaware Valley College and his Master of Education (MEd) from Penn State University. 

Matt Duncan is a certified Sports Field Manager with over 20 years of experience as a turf manager for minor league baseball and more than ten years selling grass seed to the Sports Turf market. Matt possesses an intricate knowledge of seed species and field applications, emphasizing golf, lawn care, and Sports Turf.