Summer Camp Webinar Mini Series

06/06/2024 12:00 PM

Summer Camp Webinar Mini Series


Thursday, June 6: Creating Cooperative Kids: What's In Your Discipline Toolbox?
Thursday, June 13: Programming for an Inclusive and Safe Camp Environment 
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Individual Webinar Fee: $20 Member/$25 Nonmember
Series Webinar Fee: $30 Member/$40 Nonmember

Registrants will have access to live webinar as well as recording through September 1.

Creating Cooperative Kids: What's In Your Discipline Toolbox? (June 6)
Summer camp should be fun for everyone. However, some children struggle with even the simplest interactions and may express feelings through disruptive and troublesome behaviors. What can be done? Join us to learn about the tools we all have to create positive and engaging interactions with all of our campers. 

When we learn to recognize the messages children send through behaviors and understand behaviors are a means to communicate unmet needs, interactions can become more meaningful for you and the camper. Using behavioral observations and directed conversations, we can alleviate potential conflict and reduce unhealthy behaviors. Join Vicky and begin filling your discipline toolbox with tools that promote cooperation and make for a fantastic summer experience!

Programming for an Inclusive and Safe Camp Environment (June 13)
Innovative programming can promote many positive outcomes for children and youth in recreation programs. Camps are the perfect place to create a physically and emotionally safe place for children to play and thrive this summer. 

Including children with different abilities, sensory sensitivities, short attention spans, and limited social skills and understanding their different interests, skill sets, and personalities takes planning. From implementing a simple intake form to implementing activities that promote cooperation, children who typically stand on the sidelines or those who bully to seek power can feel safe to join in on the fun. Join Vicky as she shares evidence-based strategies to create an inclusive and safe camp experience.

Presenter: Vicky Pitner is a healthcare professional with over 40 years of experience in both clinical and community programs. She specializes in including children and adults with disabilities in their communities, especially those who communicate needs through misunderstood behaviors. Having hired and trained hundreds of summer camp staff over the course of 20 years while managing specialized camps, she uses her humor and playfulness to create a healthy and inclusive recreation environment.  She is the recipient of Tennessee’s Parks and Recreation Four Star Award for Programming for Camp Will, a specialized camp for children with disabilities. As a CTRS she is committed to bringing awareness to the importance of play for well-being and quality of life. She encourages everyone to incorporate “play in your day,” and be a more effective and caring professional.  She promotes creative engagement when working with all people.