COVID-19 Reopening Resources

State of Pennsylvania - Plan for Pennsylvania

NRPA - Path to Recovery Framework

John Hopkins Center for Health Security - A Plan for a Phased Reopening 

National Governors Association - Roadmap to Recovery

Event Safety Alliance - Reopening Guide

The Sports Turf Managers Association outline 5 Small Things That May Make Field Maintenance a Little Easier

  1. Safety – Walk all your fields and look for any safety-related items.  Record your walk and repair any items you find. Even when we are not at work, citizens or others may still use the fields while we are away. The Sports Turf Managers Association offers a fantastic resource for recording your safety walks.  The STMA Playing Conditions Index can be found here.
  2. Use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) – In down times, look at using the PGRs to reduce the plants’ vertical growth, water use, and fertilizer needs.  Find out more about PGRs here.
  3. Mowing Height – Consider raising the mowing height slightly which can reduce the need for mowing, however do not ignore potential for incurred labor costs / equipment changes.  Follow the 1/3 rule when mowing to prevent plant injury.  This will be very important as we look to bring fields back to normal after the outbreak is over, and it is also essential to maintaining plant health.
  4. Fertilization – Look at using a pre-emergent for weed control as well as slow release fertilizers that will provide the plant with nutrition without pushing unwanted vegetation growth.
  5. Irrigation – Look to smart controllers to help with maintaining proper moisture in the soils.Without the smart controllers, local weather services can provide Evapotranspiration (ET) rates daily so you can judge the amount of water the plants have been using and provide an irrigation cycle if necessary.Another option is to make sure that your irrigation controller is set to run your current programs and have a rain sensor installed that will help monitor rainfall and can automatically cut off the cycle if rain is present.

Expertise sourced from PA Park Maintenance Institute sponsors Toro and its regional distributors E.H. Griffith, Turf Equipment and Supply and Grassland Equipment and Irrigation Corp

All PDGA Major and PDGA National Tour events originally scheduled through July 31, 2020, are postponed. These events draw larger attendance, require more travel by players and staff, and require considerable resources that make them more susceptible to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. After communicating with key stakeholders, including event hosts and sponsors, these tournaments will be moved to a later date on the calendar, or outright canceled. 

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On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, PDGA Board of Directors President Justin Menickelli issued the following message to PDGA members.