Virtual Roundtables

FREE Virtual Roundtables!

PRPS continues to host Virtual Roundtables to provide a networking platform for members to share the challenges and issues they are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us to brainstorm ideas and share creative ways to cope with closures, new work restrictions, future unknowns, and how to move forward during this stressful time. Take this opportunity to share and learn with peers from across Pennsylvania. We are stronger together! 

Upcoming Roundtables

New, updated format! Join us for open discussion among your peers about topics and issues and share your stories and ask your questions! The first 45 minutes will be a dialogue with the full group, and we will end with the opportunity to break into smaller specialized groups (districts, rural, urban, etc.). We encourage you to send hot topics ahead of time to help initiate discussions - topics can be sent to

Check back later for our next dates. 

Roundtable Recordings 

Visit the Professional Development page for full list of recordings

Summer Camp & Outdoor Summer Camp Roundtables  
Recording Click HerePDF. 
Recording Click here.  Handouts: 
     Pre-screen med. form PDF
     Safety Guidlines PDF
     Parent Handbook PDF
7/30/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
6/2/2020 Recording:Click here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
5/22/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
5/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/29/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/23/2020  Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/7/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

For access to the PRPS Summer Camp Google Doc, email

Aquatics Roundtables
5/5/2021 Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat box - PDF
2/11/2021 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
10/7/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
7/28/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
6/9/2020 Recording:  Click HereDiscussion from Chat Box - PDF
5/21/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
5/5/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box -PDF.
4/21/2020 Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
3/30/2020 Recording: Click here. 

Program & Event Roundtables 
Recording: Click Here. Discussion Chat Box: PDF.
Recording: Click Here
8/4/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
4/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/3/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

Therapeutic Recreation Roundtable 
Recording Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
/27/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/8/2020 Recording: Click here.

Community Center Roundtables 
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.

Urban Roundtables
Recording: Click Here  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF. 
5/22/2020 Recording: Click here. Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF

Health & Wellness Roundtables
Recording: Click Here.Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF
5/6/2020 Recording: Click here.
Recording: Click here.

Maintenance Roundtable - 3/27/2020
Recording: Click here.

PRPS Directors and Supervisors Roundtable (DSR)

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Parks and Recreation Managers need many different skills, including programming, finance, operations, supervision, human resources, and leadership.  That’s a lot to be on top of.  Professional development helps but what about the everyday issues you face? How do you handle uncooperative employees, a stingy council, program snafus, or a critical community issue?  Wouldn’t it be good to talk with others in similar positions and learn from them?

The Directors and Supervisors Roundtable is specifically designed for those in leadership who want to meet informally with other leaders to share ideas and challenges, network, and learn together in a supportive and confidential environment.  Each quarterly Roundtable will feature a short informative presentation on a common issue followed by a facilitated discussion with your peers on topics, pressures, and dilemmas you may be facing in your organization.  The DSR is geared specifically for those in a leadership position who need an open platform to discuss issues and brainstorm solutions. 

Typical Schedule

8:45 AM               Get online, network

9:00 AM                Presentation Determined by participant requests

10:00  AM             Hot topics. - A PRPS facilitated discussion session where participants can share challenges, celebrations, and concerns.  This is an opportunity for all participants to share, vent, problem solve and support each other.

11:00  AM             Hot Topic Wrap up. Planning for the next meeting

Proposed Roundtable Dates*

August 4; October 13
*all roundtables will be via Zoom for 2021

Cost- (includes four roundtables and participant selected presentations)

$100 PRPS/NRPA members
$125  non-members