Statewide Ventures

PRPS & Partners are Positive Change Agents!

Increasing Relevance

investing in new programs, services and communication tools to keep members, partners, and their constituencies well informed, prepared, and motivated for results.

Developing Capacity

integrating a comprehensive scope of sustainable services for economic, environmental, social and wellness solutions.

Enhancing Influence

connecting and managing the resources of its members, partners, grantors and organizational alliances to create positive change and industry leadership in the state and nation. The initiatives include:

Accessibility and Inclusion

Parks and recreation services are pillars for healthy communities, which must provide equal opportunities to all citizens to participate in and benefit from, regardless of ability or background. The Inclusion Task Force works to increase understanding and acceptance of all park and recreation users by offering resources, support and training to recreation providers.

Budget and Salary Study

PRPS is assessing the results of a statewide budget and salary survey to establish a series of benchmarks for PA municipalities and recreation providers. The final results will be used to support PRPS planning, funding and technical assistance programs, and provide relevant, practical information to providers.

Comprehensive Sponsorship Development

PRPS is expanding the ways it meets the needs of its partners by developing a variety of mutually beneficial marketing partnership packages. PRPS hosts dozens of events and drives multiple initiatives eligible for sponsorship; its new approach to sponsorship provides entities with the opportunity for year-round marketing benefits.

Get Outdoors PA

In connection with 8 Flagship Partners and over 175 Community Partners, Get Outdoors PA connects residents and visitors to the outdoors through fun, healthy and educational outdoor recreation programming, striving to increase their appreciation and use of parks, forests and public spaces while improving their personal and community health. 

Good For You, Good For All Campaign

The statewide marketing campaign is the authoritative source for Pennsylvania recreation and parks branding, marketing and communications with a wide variety of provider and consumer applications—local parks, urban needs, maintenance solutions, advocacy, funding, social inclusion, and more. As the campaign expands its influence, PRPS expands its resources including the campaign’s e-Toolkit, which equips local providers with the equipment needed to raise awareness and increase support in their communities. The Good Advisory Team assists in administering the campaign.

Governmental Affairs

PRPS monitors state and federal legislation that affect parks, recreation, conservation, health and other related issues, plans advocacy activities and periodically releases Legislative Updates or Alerts. PRPS works actively with the Governmental Affairs Committee, which includes many partners like the Growing Greener Coalition, to prioritize and address legislative issues.

PA Park Maintenance Institute Advisory Team

Maintaining local parks and recreation facilities is an overwhelming challenge facing most Pennsylvania municipalities. Parks are improved or built without matching support, formal maintenance management systems or workload cost tracking, creating reactive rather than preventive maintenance practices. The condition of parks affects important matters including our citizens’ decisions on whether to use a park or not, property values, safety, health and the economic vibrancy of the community. The Pennsylvania Park Maintenance Institute Advisory Board and consultant team is developing a business feasibility plan to increase the capacity of local parks to more adequately address their maintenance needs. 

Urban Parks and Recreation

Pennsylvania’s urban parks and recreation systems are vital community assets providing essential municipal services to over 80% of Commonwealth residents. The Pennsylvania Urban Park and Recreation Alliance is working to increase the awareness of the essential benefits of parks and recreation in the urban setting, seeking buy-in from mayors and decision makers, and influencing public policy toward more livable cities.


Parks and recreation providers are key healthcare providers, supplying affordable and accessible open-spaces with amenities like trails, beaches, and playgrounds for self-guided activity, as well as community programs and events like camps, youth sports, culture festivals, walking clubs, and Get Outdoors PA programs. PRPS is partnering with different organizations to harness the “wellness power” of parks, recreation, and health as preventive and rehabilitative remedies for depression, opioid use, obesity and more.

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