Shop Talk - Proper Tree Pruning for Health, Structure and Form

Trees are long-lived woody plants that provide so much to our communities and park settings. Proper tree maintenance and pruning in our landscapes can improve safety, reduce storm damage, prevent the spread of decay, and extend the life of the tree.  Without an understanding of tree biology and proper pruning, trees are often severely damaged, leading to unsafe, decaying trees. In this Shop Talk, participants will: 1. Gain an understanding of woody plant response to pruning/wound closure/sprouting/compartmentalization of decay. 2. Learn the 3 types of pruning cuts, how they are applied, and their impact. 3. Learn how tree structure can be improved through proper pruning. 4. Learn about tree pruning tools and safe use.



NOTE - This event will be recorded, and registration will remain available for viewing and CEU credit.

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4/21/2021 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Eastern Daylight Time
Virtual Training via Zoom

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