2022 CPRP with Me - Study Group

January 28 - March 4, 2022

Join us for this 6-week on-line, interactive course designed to assist Recreation and Park Professionals prepare for the Certified Park and Recreation Professional Examination (CPRP). The  CPRP is a widely recognized certification that is based on peer identified skills and responsibilities and indicates professional competency.



Using NRPA’s Certified Park and Recreation Professional Examination - Official Study Guide participants will work with the course instructor and others to review and discuss materials, and study smarter for the exam. Each week will focus on a specific chapter and key points to master.  The final session will consist of a general review, test taking strategies, and review of a practice exam. At the end of the course, all candidates will be fully prepared to take and pass the CPRP examination. With the growth of park and recreation services, it is imperative that recreation professionals continue to develop their skills and capabilities. More and more,  park and recreation departments in Pennsylvania and across the country are requiring CPRP Certification for professional positions.  



Each week students will read and study a chapter in the study guide.  At the end of each week, a Zoom meeting will be held for the entire class to discuss and review the week's assignment.  The instructor will be on hand to answer questions, guide discussions, and quiz participants.




Pre - Assignment

Zoom Class Date


January 24 - 28

Introduction and Chapter 2 - Communication

Read Chapter 1 & 2

Friday Jan. 28    10:00 am


Jan. 31 - Feb. 4

 Chapter 3 - Finance

Read Chapter 3

Friday Feb.4      10:00 am


February 7 -11

Chapter 4 - Human Resources

Read Chapter 4

Friday Feb. 11    10:00 am


Feb. 14 -18

Chapter 5 - Operations

Read Chapter 5

Friday Feb. 18    10:00 am


Feb. 21-25

Chapter 6 - Programming

Read Chapter 6

Friday Feb. 25   10:00 am


Feb.28 - March 4

Review and maintaining certification.

Review and take practice test.

Friday March 4   10:00 am


$525/PRPS or NRPA Member 
75/Non Member 

*Course registration includes all exam fees, course materials, (up to $354.00 value) practice exam and six weeks of instruction.


Who Can Register?
New professionals in the field who are interested in increasing their personal and professional knowledge and standing.  Candidates must qualify according to one of the following standards

  • Hold a recreation degree from accredited college or university (COAPRT)
  • Hold a recreation degree and 1 year of full-time experience in the field
  • Hold a college degree and 3 years of full-time experience in the field
  • Have an associate’s degree and 4 years of experience or 5+ years of experience in the field



Dan Hendey, PRPS's  Education Manager is a CPRP and a certified Pennsylvania Instructor with over 20 years experience in education.  Dan has taught and coached hundreds of students on a diversity of topics in numerous settings.  In addition to being a certified educator, Dan has worked extensively for recreation and non-profit organizations and has extended experience in the competencies being assessed.  I

1/28/2022 - 2/18/2022

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