2021 GOPA Webinar - Forest Bathing



In the 1980s, Japanese scientists began looking for ways to combat the negative impacts that urbanization was having on individuals and society as a whole. They discovered that a two- to three-hour immersion in the natural chemistry of a forest, can

  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce stress levels
  • improve mood
  • increase restfulness, and
  • boost the immune system.

They called the practice “Shinrin-yoku” which literally translates “forest bath,” the art of taking in the atmosphere of the forest.


Steve Ruelke, an ANFT Certified Forest Therapy Guide, will offer you the opportunity to experience the forest in an American version of Shinrin-yoku through a series of invitations designed to reconnect you with the forest, allow you to bathe in her healing atmosphere, and rewild your relationship with the rest of nature.

Steve will open the doors; the Forest will do the rest.

About Steve

Steve Ruelke is a forest bathing enthusiast, naturalist, and woodland wanderer who lives in the northern Poconos of Pennsylvania not far from one of his favorite state parks. He has been trained and certified as a forest therapy guide by the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides & Programs, whose aim is to ignite and reignite our love for the more than human world.

9/28/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time

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