Scholarships Applications for the PRPS Conference & Expo are due Friday, March 3, 2023. For all other trainings, the deadline is 6 weeks before the date of the training.

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General Purposes



Career Advancement Scholarship

2023 Application

PRPS Member

Established by PRPS to assist PRPS Members to attend professional development opportunities identified in their Individualized Training Plans. Susceptible to limitations, based on number of qualified applicants and available funds. Such opportunities may include, but are not limited to: PRPS Leadership Development Academy, PRPS Professional Competencies Trainings, Funding Training, Professional Certification and Accreditation Programs, Professional topical and technical workshops, webinars, courses, classes, conferences, summits, schools, etc.

Donald V. Joyce Memorial Scholarship

2023 Application

PRPS Member with 11 years or less of professional experience

Established by retired PRPS Executive Director Robert Griffith to recognize longtime PRPS Member Donald V. Joyce and honor his many contributions. View this page about Donald Joyce. This scholarship functions like the Career Advancement Scholarship, except it is limited to PRPS Members with 11 years or less professional experience. Susceptible to limitations, based on number of qualified applicants and available funds.




Annual Conference & Expo Eligibility Description
Andy Memorial Scholarship PRPS Member; fulltime Temple University undergraduate student in parks and recreation Delores M. Andy, Professor Emerita, Temple University, created this award to support the attendance of one Temple University undergraduate student from the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, with emphasis on community and urban recreation, to the Annual PRPS State Conference. Delores Andy enjoyed a long, distinguished 46-year career serving the students and programs of Temple University and the citizens of the City of Philadelphia. In 1974, she began her career at Temple University as the Director of the Joint Recreation Resources Department; and by 1997 she became a Full Professor in the Department of Sport Management and Leisure Studies.She was a leader who understood the value and importance of having students attend the Annual Conference & Expo.
Crawford Memorial Scholarship PRPS Member; fulltime or part-time student in parks and recreation Robert W. Crawford was a pioneer and distinguished professional in the field of public parks and recreation for both Pennsylvania and the nation. He began his recreation career in 1934 and remained active with NRPA, the National Recreation Foundation and PRPS throughout his life. He worked in New York, New Jersey, California and in 1952 he landed in Pennsylvania as the Commissioner of Recreation for Philadelphia. He has been credited with increasing funding and expanding the City’s recreation facilities and public parks from a meager 95 sites to 815 by the end of his career. Additionally, he served as the Executive Director of the National Recreation Foundation for many years, establishing the Recreation and Park Hall of Fame in 1987. He was a strong supporter of our profession and the advancement of recreation and parks across the United States. PRPS has established this award in his honor.
Jones Memorial Scholarship PRPS Member; fulltime or part-time student in parks and recreation John H. (Jack) Jones received an undergraduate degree from East Stroudsburg College/University and both his Master’s (1965) and Doctorate (1975) degrees from the Pennsylvania State University, in Recreation and Parks Administration. Although he worked for Penn State University while earning his Master’s Degree, he returned to East Stroudsburg and spearheaded the development of the University’s Recreation & Leisure Services Management Program. Jack was the Chairman of the Program/Department from 1971-1981. His passion was working to connect University students with the community and promoting intergenerational recreational programming between college students, senior citizens, school-age students and other community populations. Jack Jones was a beloved and cherished professor and community member. He was also active and involved with PRPS, encouraging student engagement in PRPS activities and attendance at the annual conference. After his untimely death at the age of 46 in 1988, PRPS established this award in his honor.
Milliren Professional Scholarship PRPS Member; Recreation and Park Professional who has worked in the field for 3 years or less David Milliren was a longtime PRPS member who spent his career at North Versailles Township Parks and Recreation. He benefitted greatly from the educational sessions and networking opportunities the PRPS conference provided at the beginning of his career, and established this fund to enable a similar opportunity for other young professionals.
Snyder Community Service Award Recreation and park agencies or other CBOs that provide recreation services to persons with disabilities on an ongoing basis. John H. “Jack” Snyder spent a lifetime advocating for the rights and services for persons with disabilities. He served as the Governor’s Advocate for the Physically Handicapped under Pennsylvania Governor Milton Shapp. He was a co-founder of the Pennsylvania Therapeutic Recreation Institute and encouraged a team of other advocates and professionals. He served as President of the PA Therapeutic Recreation Society and as the President of PRPS, and used these offices to further the cause of persons with disabilities. Even through his retirement years, he returned often to the Annual PA Therapeutic Recreation Institute to share his thoughts and insights with younger professionals. This Award carries on Jack’s legacy of advocacy and recognizes agencies and organizations that provide outstanding new and innovative recreation and park services to persons with disabilities.
Williamson Scholarship PRPS Member; fulltime Penn State University under-graduate students in parks and recreation attending University Park campus.

Larry Williamson, a Pennsylvania State University alumnus, with a degree in Recreation and Parks, began his career in 1969 with the PA Department of Community Affairs and was involved with the management of the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund grants program. Over the course of his 30+ year career with the Commonwealth, he has spearheaded and managed a variety of other recreation and conservation initiatives during his time both as Director of the Bureau of Recreation and Conservation and as Deputy Secretary of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Larry continues to help advance parks, recreation and conservation throughout Pennsylvania.






Therapeutic Recreation Institute Eligibility Description
Moyer Memorial Scholarship PRPS Member; current CPRP, CPRE, or CTRS; member of TR Branch; current employment in therapeutic setting Edward W. Moyer was a 1977 graduate of Susquehanna University, and was employed by the State Mental Health-Mental Retardation Centers in Laurelton and Selinsgrove for 25 years. After retiring in 1979 he taught at Harrisburg Area Community College and was a private consultant in Therapeutic Recreation. He also served as a volunteer and worked with the Union-Snyder County Area Agency on Aging until 1986. This scholarship is dedicated to his memory and to his dedicated efforts to further therapeutic Recreation as a profession.
TRI Scholarship PRPS Member Established with revenues from the annual Therapeutic Recreation Institute to reinvest its professional training opportunities in PRPS members looking to develop their therapeutic recreation skills.



Other Scholarships


District 1 (D1) RANP Scholarship

The Recreation Alliance of North Pittsburgh (RANP) is awarding this scholarship to cover the cost of registration to attend the PRPS 2023 Annual Conference & Expo. Funds will only be submitted to the organization sponsoring the training, after the necessary proof of registration and/or reservations have been received by RANP. The deadline to apply is January 18, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. Click here for the application.