Volunteer Opportunities

for professional service and personal engagement!

The Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society heavily relies on its volunteer members to help deepen its capacity, deliver its program and grow its influence. Those who serve in elected positions are obligated to meet their official responsibilities. Volunteers who choose to serve on task forces, advisory teams and other committees likewise have an obligation to contribute and fulfill the expectations of their roles.  

Member Service Responsibilities

Members who serve in any volunteer capacity agree to accept and agree to the Volunteer Service Responsibilities, including the Member Code of Ethics and to be personally accountable to:
1. Devote the time necessary to prepare for and attend committee meetings.
2. Review all provided materials and work on assignments.
3. Seek out training opportunities to learn more about relevant committee issues.
4. Review and comply with the PRPS Member Code of Ethics.
5. Be progressive and positive in outlook, and cooperative in interactions.
6. Take part in discussions, be a good listener, and respect differing views and opinions.
7. Welcome suggestions and constructive criticism.
8. Vote according to convictions and support committee and Society decisions.
9. Assist in PRPS advocacy efforts, especially with those relating to committee tasks and issues. 
10. Resign if unable to live up to these expectations and responsibilities.

Professional Service Experience (PSE) Program

The National Recreation and Park Association offers CPRPs and CPREs an opportunity to earn Professional Service Experience (PSE) Credits. Together with the traditional CEU credit, PSE points enable individuals to renew professional certifications by utilizing their professional activities. A committee chairperson earns 5 points per year, and a committee member earns 2 points per year.Each committee has specific duties, tasks, goals and deliverables with deadlines; it is the responsibility of committee leaders to communicate such directives to their teammates, and to hold the committee accountable for its results.

PRPS Committees

Governing. The incoming President of the Board of Directors appoints chairpersons and members for two-year terms. Governing Committees report to the Board of Directors and include the standing Constitution and Bylaws, Nominations, Strategic Planning, and Recognitions & Awards Committees.

Joint Governing and Operating. Chairpersons and members are appointed for two-year terms jointly by the President and the CEO; or serve as a function of their elective office. The Joint Governing and Operating Committees report to both the Board of Directors and the CEO, and include the Finance, Membership, and Governmental Affairs Committees.

Operating. The CEO annually appoints the leadership of Operating Committees, and by their agreement, other committee members to one-year terms. These include the Annual Conference, Therapeutic Recreation Institute, Conference Site Selection, Historical, Education & Training, Ticket Program, Partnerships, and Publicity & Marketing Committees; the Inclusion Task Force, Urban Alliance Leadership Team, PA Parks Maintenance Advisory Team, Good Advisory Team, Dig it! Blogging Team, Foundation Task Force, and others as needed. 

Current Committee Openings

Please contact the individual indicated to inquire about contributing your time and talent to PRPS while advancing your own professional development! Most positions are limited to a one-year commitment.

Membership Committee contribute to member recruitment and retention Margie Earnest
PRPS Annual Training Plan     contribute to researching and planning relevant training programs Niki Tourscher
Partnerships & Sponsorships     assist in identifying new partnering opportunities     Emily Gates
PRPS Annual Communications and Marketing Plan     assist in determining tactics and contribute to outreaches     Emily Schnellbaugh
People, Parks & Communities Foundation Task Force     contribute philanthropic and fundraising expertise     Tim Herd
Governmental Affairs Committee     contribute to legislative advocacy plans and activities     Doug Knauss
Inclusion Task Force     assist in determining ways and means     Karen Hammond
PA Urban Park and Recreation Alliance     contribute to urban advocacy and developing capacity     Tim Herd
PA Park Maintenance Institute Advisory Team     working with consultant to develop Institute business plan     Niki Tourscher
Good Advisory Team     beta testing new initiatives in the statewide marketing and branding campaign     Tim Herd
PRPS Dig It! Blog     thought leaders to share a few blog posts per year     Emily Schnellbaugh
Park Resources Branch     serve on Executive Committee, President-Elect     Jim Bobeck
State Parks Branch     serve on Executive Committee     Nick Sulzer
Other     Something you’d like to contribute, but not listed here?     Tim Herd