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PRPS District 2 Fundraiser

The District 2 fundraising effort via volunteering at Hersheypark is rolling and we need your help! 
District 2 continues participating in Hersheypark’s volunteer fundraising program to help raise funds for PRPS.  Hersheypark has not made any changes for the upcoming season, so things will be handled just like they were in 2017.  Shift times currently offered are in 5 hour time blocks with PRPS receiving $30 for each 5 hour shift.

What is nice is that all shifts in April and May will earn multiple volunteer vouchers!!!  That’s right, you will also personally FREE admission vouchers for each shift you work!  Availability of any given date may change and you may volunteer for more than one shift if you wish.  Do you have family and friends that want to earn FREE Park tickets?  No problem, they may volunteer as well, provided they are at least 18 years of age.  Volunteers must have no known violent, criminal sexual or felony convictions and no outstanding warrants.

Please see the schedule for the shifts Hersheypark has released  and the vouchers available.  We are continuing to work with the Ride Operations Department, so you will be assisting with duties such as queue line management, assisting with safety checks/operation of a ride or operating a kiddie-ride by yourself.

Email Eric Stauffer at estauffer@wsrec.org or call 717-920-9515 ext.107.  Provide the shift(s) desired along with the name of each person volunteering, address, and home/work/cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  After you sign up, Eric will email you additional volunteer information and a map of where you will report that day if needed.

Thank you for your support!

District 3
2nd Annual District 3 Golf Tournament
October 12, 2018
Landis Creek Golf Club
Click here for more details.
Benefits PRPS and the family of Karen Hegedus