Ways to Give

Philanthropic donations provide general support to PRPS and such specific causes those listed below. Donors assist in sustaining recreation and parks training, technical assistance and advocacy statewide. Empower the future of parks and recreation by providing a tax-deductible, general or cause-related donation.

Scholarship Fund

Pie-a-Palooza donations support the Scholarship Fund

Established by PRPS to assist PRPS Members to attend professional development opportunities identified in their Individualized Training Plans. Susceptible to limitations, based on number of qualified applicants and available funds. Such opportunities may include, but are not limited to: PRPS Leadership Development Academy, PRPS Professional Competencies Trainings, Funding Training, Professional Certification and Accreditation Programs, Professional topical and technical workshops, webinars, courses, classes, conferences, summits, schools, etc.

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Advocacy Fund

PRPS is the largest nongovernmental advocate for Pennsylvania's recreation and parks. It monitors state and federal issues, legislation, and regulations that directly impact recreation and parks, and informs its members and their consituents . The Advocacy Fund supports PRPS advocacy and communications. Donors to the Advocacy Fund receive a thank you letter that includes the tax‐deductible status of their gift.

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Building Fund

The Building Fund provides financial support for daily and long-term repairs and maintenance of the PRPS office.

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The Member Support Fund provides one-time financial assistance to current PRPS members. Funds may be distributed to help members in cases of severe medical or financial need. Potential recipients must be current members in good standing, and must have completed a minimum of five years of membership. Potential recipients may be identified by the Finance Committee or by PRPS members, who may then file an application on their behalf. Members may also self‐refer. Donors to the Member Support Fund will receive a thank you letter that includes the tax‐deductible status of their gift. Access the Member Support Fund Fact Sheet and Application to learn more program and apply.

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General Fund

Provides support to PRPS operational and capital expenses.

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