Virtual Roundtables

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PRPS is hosting Virtual Roundtables to provide a networking platform for members to share the challenges and issues they are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. Join us to brainstorm ideas and share creative ways to cope with closures, new work restrictions, future unknowns, and how to move forward during this stressful time. Take this opportunity to share and learn with peers from across Pennsylvania. We will get through this together, one step at a time! Limited to the first 100 participants. Visit the PRPS Professional Development page for full list of upcoming and roundtable discussions.

Upcoming Roundtables

With the fall season quickly coming to an end, and COVID-19 still part of our daily lives, how has your department adjusted to significant changes in your operations?  What have you learned from your experiences, from others, from our communities?  What has worked and what hasn’t?  Who can we rely on for timely and dependable information?  What can we share that will help others in our field? What are you planning for the winter and into the spring of 2021? Join us for a series of follow-up roundtables discussing the challenges, successes, and pitfalls of the fall recreation season and how we are planning ahead.

If you have questions that you would like address during the roundtable, email 

Programming Roundtable - Tuesday, December 8, 12:00 PM - 1:00 Pm   Register here

Community Center Roundtable - Thursday, December 10, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM  Register here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Roundtable Recordings 
Visit the Professional Development page for full list of recordings

Summer Camp & Outdoor Summer Camp Roundtables  
Recording Click here.  Handouts: 
     Pre-screen med. form PDF
     Safety Guidlines PDF
     Parent Handbook PDF
7/30/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
6/2/2020 Recording:Click here. Discussion from Chat Box PDF.
5/22/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
5/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/29/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box. PDF.
4/23/2020  Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/7/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

For access to the PRPS Summer Camp Google Doc, email

Aquatics Roundtables
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording:  Click Here.Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box -PDF.
4/21/2020 Recording: Click Here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
3/30/2020 Recording: Click here. 

Program & Event Roundtables 
Recording: Click Here
8/4/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
4/14/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/3/2020 Recording: Click here.  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF

Therapeutic Recreation Roundtable 
Recording Click HereDiscussion from Chat Box - PDF
/27/2020 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
4/8/2020 Recording: Click here.

Community Center Roundtables 
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.
Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF.

Urban Roundtables
Recording: Click Here  Discussion from Chat Box - PDF
 Recording: Click Here. Discussion from Chat Box - PDF. 
5/22/2020 Recording: Click here. Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF

Health & Wellness Roundtables
Recording: Click Here.Discussion from the Chat Box - PDF
5/6/2020 Recording: Click here.
Recording: Click here.

Maintenance Roundtable - 3/27/2020
Recording: Click here.

Check back for Roundtable recordings and new dates and times!