Planning and Recovery

PRPS is committed to helping its members and the industry adequately plan and prepare for recovery in a post-pandemic world. Check back frequently for updates.

As communities begin to see reductions in virus transmission, local park and recreation professionals are developing plans for reopening spaces, facilities and programs impacted by the pandemic. Agencies should adhere to all federal, state and local guidance, including meeting a set of outlined indicators and gating criteria prior to implementing a phased approach that prioritizes public health and safety when reopening. Park and recreation professionals should recognize that phased reopening plans will not be an immediate return to normal operations, rather, they should include additional mitigation measures to maintain states of low to no community transmission.

Agencies should consider in their plans how they will ensure that community members are adhering to CDC personal protective measures including wearing face coverings, physical distancing, encouraging proper hygiene, etc. Plans should also identify further mitigation and control measures that can be adjusted as the situation changes as well as incorporate communication procedures and emergency responses.


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Guiding Principles for Parks and Recreation in COVID-19 Recovery, NRPA  June 10, 2020

The NRPA-PRPS Path to Recovery Framework  July 15, 2020
This document will be refreshed as often and as quickly as possible with new and updated resources and guidance. Check back frequently. 

Contents (to be updated as available)
1. Organizational Leadership: Stronger Together    May 4, 2020 (included in overall document linked above)
2. Creation of a Cross-Sector Recovery Team May 4, 2020
3. Meeting Essential Public Health Indicators May 4, 2020
4. Assessing the Risk of Spaces, Facilities and Programs May 4, 2020
5. Centering Health Equity in Recovery Efforts May 4, 2020
6. Phased Reopening Planning – Gradually Restoring Operations to Protect Public Health    May 11, 2020
7. Specific Guidance for Common Park and Recreation Spaces, Facilities and Programs    July 15, 2020
8. Developing a Communications Plan    June 3, 2020
9. Staff Training and Measures to Protect Staff and Public    May 20, 2020
10. Cleaning and Disinfection Practices    May 4, 2020
11. Managing a Positive COVID-19 Case   July 15, 2020
12. Securing Critical Supplies    May 4, 2020
13. Evaluating and Informing Emergency Plans    May 4, 2020
14. Resource Database – National and Local Reopening Resources    May 4, 2020

Pathway to Recovery: Wellbeing and Resilience, COVID-19 Resource Document for Parks and Recreation, Planners, & Public Health FieldWorld Urban Parks  September 14, 2020

Research Data

NRPA Parks Snapshot: What's Open/Closed Spring Programming, Staff Well-Being, Vaccinations (February 2-5, 2021)