PRPS Opioid Task Force

In light of Governor Wolf’s recent opioid epidemic declaration, PRPS has formed an Opioid Task Force (OTF). The OTF will work to identify, communicate and fund park and recreation agency support of state and county opioid-related efforts. The OTF will also be posting support materials, such as Opioid related FAQ’s, Advocacy and Programming Ideas, and Position Statements. The Opioid Task Force is also drafting a formal research study, and is actively looking for communities/P & R departments interested in getting involved! Questions? Contact Jason Lang at or 610-656-8718

See PRPS letter to Governor Wolf

FREE documentary resource!

The Generation Found documentary follows the city of Houston as it fights to curb rising opioid use in its high school population. It is an interesting look at how schools, interventionists, elected officials and police have come together to cohesively tackle the problem. This DVD has been adopted for use by the Chester County Department of Drug and Alcohol Services and utilized by the East Goshen Township Department of Parks and Recreation in community outreach efforts. The DVD can be used free of charge by any PRPS member, please email Niki Tourscher at for details. Contact Jason (listed above) with questions about programming or implementation.

Additional support documents – coming soon!