Swim Pool courses for the fall

Pesticides are important tools for controlling organisms that can harm our pools. As with any tool, their misuse can pose a threat to human health and environmental quality. It’s important to knowhow to properly treat our pools, store and handle all chemicals not only to keep our pools safe, but ourselves and others around us.

Swimming Pool Management 101

Course Fee: $165.00 member $185.00 Non-members. Price includes credits (6 core and 4 Cat. 24), full day workshop, Core and Category 24 Manuals, support materials and professional instructors. Exams (Optional) Cat. 24 $15.00; Core $60.00

Swimming Pool Management 101 is an in-depth pool management course for individuals not currently certified, who are preparing to take the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Core and Category 24 (Swimming Pools) pesticide applicator exams.  Books and study guides are included in the registration fee. Please note that both the Core and Category Exams are closed book. For more information on the Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator Certification Credits, visit The Department of Agriculture in your Region at

Fall Dates  
Sept. 7 (8th exams) - Mechanicsburg (Register here)
Sept. 21 (22nd exams) - Plymouth Meeting (Register here)

Exam Information

The Core and Category 24 exams are CLOSED BOOK!
The Pesticide Applicator Certification Exam will be administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  The test is two parts; the Core exam and the Category 24 (Swimming Pools). An individual must pass these two exams (the Core and at least one Category) within 180 days of one another for certification. Exams are scheduled for the following day at each location.  Participants can choose to take the exam then or take them later at a Regional PA Department of Agriculture testing location.  Participants can register for the exams along with the course or explore other testing sites here.

Swimming Pool Re-certification Class

The Swimming Pool Re-certification Course is for individuals who currently hold a pesticide applicators license, and seek renewal credits to maintain their certification.  all three courses will get you recertified before the September deadline. This class offers 6 Core (morning session) and 4 Category 24 (afternoon session) pesticide applicator credits. 

Course Fee: $80.00 member; $95.00 Non member. Price includes credits( 6 core and 4 Cat. 24), full day workshop, support materials and professional instruction.

Fall Dates

Sept. 6 - Mechanicsburg (Register here)
Sept. 20 - Plymouth Meeting (Register here)
Sept. 28 - Online (Register here)