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Our Speaker Lineup

We are very excited that we have been able to engage the services of some of the best speakers around to motivate, educate and entertain for our Lunchtime session 


Meet Our Speakers


Thursday, 1/21/2021

Combining Sensory Feedback with Recreational Therapy Activities 

Dr. Raymond Heipp, Senior Specialist for Special Education - School Health
This session focuses on the inclusion of sensory feedback in recreation therapy activities. Attention will be paid to this inclusion in both virtual and face-to-face settings with actual examples explained.
Dr. Raymond T. Heipp, is a 30+ year veteran of administration and classrooms for special needs students. He has designed many support programs for various schools and adult facilities.  And, his expertise in assistive technology and sensory materials has enabled him to create updated approaches when working with individuals, therapists, and educators.  Dr. Heipp firmly believes that everyone, no matter their ability, has a voice/spirit and deserves a chance to succeed.  He suggests that we never doubt their abilities

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Thursday, 3/18/2021 

Building Rapport with Your Clients Through Storytelling - Gael Gilliland

Gael Gilliland, Author, Consultant, Social Media trainer - Gaelex

In this session, participants will learn a method of storytelling to create deeper connections and trust with their clients.  This session will  give practitioners instructions on how to employ this method of storytelling to start conversations, improve trust, gain understanding with clients. 

Gael founded the Legacy Recorder and published the Legacy Recorder Guide (2016) to share her passion for storytelling and writing about difficult subjects like death, aging, and trauma.  Her mission is to help others create deeper lasting connections through intergenerational storytelling.  Today her storytelling methods and unique project approach are used globally. 

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Thursday, 5/20/2021

Seated Therapeutic Yoga in the Era of COVID

Jay Gupta RPh., Director of Pharmacy & Integrative Health; RxRelax
This seminar will describe and demonstrate how you can use seated yoga movements to enhance immune and pulmonary function, manage strong emotions and build resilience in challenging times. Eligible registrants will receive a free RxRelax Seated Therapeutic DVD.

Jay Gupta, RPh, MTM Specialist, C-IAYT is the Director of Pharmacy & Integrative Health at Harbor Homes. He is a pharmacist, medication expert, “de-prescription” leader, yoga therapist and international speaker. His approach to yoga and mindfulness has been implemented in a host of health-related settings, including physical medical rehabilitation hospitals, adaptive sports programs and services for older adults. He recently completed a clinical trial studying the effects of therapeutic telehealth yoga for healthcare professionals during a pandemic.

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TRI Marketing Opportunities

This event offers a number of marketing opportunities, each of which provides unique exposure to your organization.

Advertising: The SCOOP, and Website
Sponsorship: Individual Lunchtime Sessions

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