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Types of PRPS Memberships

Individual Membership Professional

Individuals engaged in full-time recreation and park work.

Cost: $120 Associate

Individual or organization members including part-time or seasonal employees, volunteers, and individual board or commission members.

Cost: $50 per year Friend

Individuals that wish to support the Society in advancing recreation and parks in Pennsylvania. All member benefits will be provided via email and internet.  This category is not for individuals that qualify for other categories.  Eligibility to join the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union is extended to Pennsylvania residents only.  Membership dues are non-refundable.

Cost: $20 per year Student

Individuals attending educational institutions on a full-time basis preparing for any phase of recreation and park work. All member benefits will be provided via email and internet.

Cost: Free Retiree

Individuals previously employed full-time in recreation and parks whose employment was terminated due to retirement.

Cost: $50 per year Commercial/Corporate

Business firms interested in the park, recreation, and leisure services fields.

Cost: $225 per year Patron

Indiviudals or organizations interested in assisting the Society in the attainment of its aims and objectives by making an annual contribution of $300 or more. Life

Indiviudals desiring a lifetime membership.

Cost: $1,000

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Group Membership Agency

Recreation and/or park related agency, including government, non-profit, therapeutic, educational, or private organization or institution that provides such services.

Dues (includes three Professional members): $300

Additional Professional memberships: $100 Board/Commission/Friends Group

Recreation and/or park boards and commissions of political subdivisions of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or board of directors of non-profit recreation-related organizations. Member benefits will be provided via email and internet.

Dues (includes five Board/Commission members): $100

Additional Board/Commission memberships: $20


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