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 Pool/Spa Main Drain Cover Replacement Form

 VGBA Questions and Answers
 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool Spa Safety Act Cover Letter
 Summary Analysis of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act
 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

 Survey Results


Community Recreation & Parks 

bulletball Urban Recreation
 Rural Recreation
 Regional Recreation Dept.
 Suburban Recreation Dept.
 Board & Commission Network
 Non-Profit recreation providers


Youth Sports

 Youth Sports Bulletin Board

bullet PA Youth Sports Tool Kit

 LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Program
    The program provides the opportunity to develop skills, progress in golf and have fun while  

    establishing a life-long interest in the game. There is also a matching grants program, funded   

    by the USGA, that is available to help with the costs associated with additional programming.

    The funds can be used for equipment, instruction, course and driving range access and the 

    national registration fee (per girl $10). Click on this link for more information.


Park Resources

 Local, County, State, and Federal Parks
 Turf and athletic field maintenance
 Environmental Education
 Greenways, trails and open space protection
 Heritage Areas
 Historic Preservation
 Fisheries and wildlife management
 Watershed Protection
 Environmental Issues
 Resource Management & Maintenance
 Park Resource Branches Newsletter Winter/Spring 2013

 Park Resource Branches Newsletter Winter 2014

 The Chimney Swift Trivia Quiz

 Park Resource Branches Newsletter Winter 2015


*The PRPS Park Resource Branch graciously developed a Landscape Plan for the PRPS Office. Park Resource volunteers visit the office in State College, semi-annually, for "PRPS Work Days." Volunteers spend these two days improving the PRPS office landscape. The office, originally a charter school, is now surrounded by native plantings rather than remnants of a playground. Take a peek at the office Landscape Plan by clicking here.


Pennsylvania Therapeutic Recreation Society

The Pennsylvania Therapeutic Recreation Society unites individuals associated with Therapeutic Recreation and interested consumers by providing opportunities for education and training that promote leadership and advocacy of the field, thereby enhancing the health and wellness of all Pennsylvanians.


Pennsylvania State Park Society

The Pennsylvania State Park Society (PSPS) is a non-profit charitable organization and branch of the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society, Inc. (PRPS). It is actively concerned with recreation, conservation, and education programs and comprised of a blend of professionals who are aware of mental, physical, and social values of outdoor recreation and education. Membership into this branch organization is open to all active or retired DCNR employees only.

Purpose and Objectives

• To unite DCNR employees in Pennsylvania into one organization.
• To foster and maintain high standards of professional qualifications and ethics.
• To represent its members where and when professional representation is desirable.
• To stimulate interest in DCNR programs, recreational use, development and conservation, and 

   contribute to the discussion of problems relating to park recreation within Pennsylvania.
• To promote relationships among other organizations and agencies that have mutual interests.
• To encourage and promote programs of professional training for all DCNR employees.
• To protect the interests of DCNR employees, as a group, in situations where their professional

   interests are involved.
• To encourage study and research on matters of professional interest.
• To support the Secretary of the DCNR and all of his/her Directors in the attainment of common

• To function in any other manner that may further the interests of the DCNR and its personnel.

PSPS Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund was started in 1978 as an off-shoot of the PSPS for the express purpose of providing modest financial assistance to permanent Bureau of State Park employees or immediate family members of such employees. Assistance has been provided in the area of scholarships toward post-secondary education and grants to assist in times of tragedy. To comply with current tax law, the fund has been established as a non-profit organization separate and distinct from PSPS.

All awards are made in memory of three deceased original members of the society: Gerald Kemper, Paul Feather, and Donald Clewell. Since the first awards in 1978, the Memorial Fund has awarded 36 scholarships in the total amount of $17, 450. Two awards in the amount of $500 and $750 are made twice a year.

For more information on the criteria for the award of scholarships or grants, please contact any of the board or PSPS representative.

Why should you join PSPS?

• Sponsor and attend various workshops.
• Present special programs and topics at various workshops.
• Develop, present, and attend educational programs at the annual PRPS conference.
• Publish articles of interest in the PRPS magazine.
• Represent DCNR interests on the PRPS Board of Directors.
• Provide a forum to meet, socialize, and discuss areas of common interest.
• Become eligible for discounted personal liability insurance.